18 June 2009

New webpage : Miropictures!!

Salam to all of you, to bloggers and to all my friends...
start from now I will use Vel Oliver Photography & Art as my 2nd webpage for any update related to my photography activities...
This blog (Vel oliver) will remain as my personal blog...
thank u so much guys for your support...
stay alive~~ :P

2 orang tersenyum:

nadnad 23/6/09 9:54 PM  

nk ibanez as wedding present bleh?
skang layan metal la.
x pn, takamine akustik jadi ler.

Vel 24/6/09 1:42 AM  

org tua!
ape? mana penah org bg hadiah kawin guitar.. xleh2 murah sgt..
tali guitar boleh, ok x?

p/s: bila mau menikah? huhu

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